Hi Lite Audio Visual

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Our Services

DSTV Decoder Sales

  • Single Decoders
  • HD PVR Decoders
  • Explora Decoders
  • Walka And Walka 7
  • Mobile Drifta, Drifta USB And iDrifta

DSTV Accessory Sales

  • Remotes
  • Cables
  • Dishes

Public Address (Disco) System Sales

  • Accessories Sales e.g. Cables, Plugs & Sockets

Musical Instrument Sales

  • Tambourines, Guitars, Harmonicas, Drums etc.
  • Accessories Sales e.g. Plectrums, Tuners, Guitar Strings etc.

Battery Sales

  • Watch Batteries, Security Batteries, Remote Batteries etc.

Teljoy Rent To Own

  • Contracts
  • Upgrades
  • Installations

DSTV Installations

  • Single Decoders
  • HD PVR Decoder
  • Explora Decoder
  • Xtraview With Two Single Decoders
  • Xtraview With HD PVR (Including Explora Decoder) And Single Decoder
  • Xtraview With Two HD PVRs (Including Explora Decoders)
  • Xtraview With SD PVR And HD PVR (Including Explora Decoder)
  • Maintenance On Existing Systems
  • Upgrades To Existing Systems
  • Multi-Unit Dwellings i.e. Flats, Townhouses And Complexes

Security Remote Sales

  • Gate And Garage Door Remotes

Electrical Accessory Sales

  • Extensions
  • Adaptors
  • Inverters And Step Down Transformers

High Fidelity Accessories Sales

  • Loose Drivers

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